3 Best Tips for Maid of Honor.

So you have been chosen to serve as a maid of honour? Brilliant! Being a maid of honour is a tough job; it goes beyond just looking pretty. 

maid of honour place card

You are expected to serve as the brides right hand woman throughout the entire wedding planning process as well as expected to plan her lavish wedding celebrations such as her bridal shower. Here are our 3 best tips for you.

bride and her bridesmaid

  • Look after the bride. This involves being enthusiastic about her wedding plans and offer her your honest advice. Just don't take over ha ha. It's her wedding after all.

  • Make time for meetings and appointments. Not all of them; but the most important ones such as venue visits and bridal wear shopping. Your presence can make a huge difference.

  • Always be prepared. Ever heard of that saying; "Failing to plan is planning to fail?" The best way to make sure everything goes according to plan is to minimise things that could go wrong by planning. This involves things like making sure an emergency kit is available on the day of the wedding.


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