3 Luxury Hen Party Ideas


Whisper it quietly, but hen parties in the UK are becoming increasingly high-end and luxurious.

This is borne out by the statistics, one of which revealed that hen parties are spending around 28% more per group than they were in 2013. This shows that hen parties are seeking out more lavish and luxury experiences.

We’ve rounded up the top 3 most luxurious hen party ideas you can embark on to let your hair down before the big day:

Luxury Hen Do Castle.jpg


1. Check into Your High-end Hen Party Accommodation

In the age of Airnb, hen parties can now enjoy a diverse and affordable range of luxury homes and living spaces.

You and your hen guests can choose a luxury property that suits your precise tastes and preferences, whether you have a desire for modern, private structures or quaint, rural cottages.

Many of these properties are extremely spacious and serve as the very embodiment of opulent living, boasting features such as indoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis and numerous communal living areas.

Yorkshire is home to a large number of such properties, many of which boast exceptional transport links and are within a stones' throw of Leeds city centre (for those of you want to enjoy a night of excess out on the town).


2. Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Break

Next up is a more traditional idea, but one that combines luxury and relaxation like no other!

The idea of booking a relaxing spa break for your hens is a timeless one, thanks to the fact that planning a wedding can be stressful. With this in mind, there's nothing better than relaxing in lavish and opulent surroundings, while also being pampered and enjoying a range of beauty and massage treatments.

We'd also recommend that you seek out luxury spa treatments in a city, as this will ensure that you can also access outstanding entertainment and dining facilities. If you're feeling really adventurous, you could even head abroad to a high end outlet in Europe.


3. Get on Trend and 'Go Gatsby'

We close with another prominent trend, and one that harks back to one of the most free-spirited and lavish periods in history.

We refer, of course, to the roaring 20s, which basked in the glow of post-war euphoria and introduced the type of vintage fashion that is enjoy a resurgence across the globe. This makes for a perfect, luxury hen party idea, as you get to enjoy something completely unique in garments and surroundings that scream elegant luxury.

From learning how to dance the Charleston to indulging in a spot of champagne afternoon tea, this type of hen party will create the experience of a lifetime for everyone involved.


The Last Word Before The Big Day

In many cases, you'll seek out luxury hen party ideas as a way of complimenting your high end wedding, as this creates a seamless and themed experience for all parties involved.

We're well-placed to help plan your luxury nuptials, and you can find out more about our Leeds and Yorkshire wedding planning service here. Remember, there's a reason why people are spending more on their hen nights and weddings, as they look to deliver truly memorable experiences that are out of the ordinary.