3 Tips For Involving The Groom!

Wedding planning isn't just for brides. Some grooms love to get involved too :) We have 3 fantastic ideas on how to involve your groom during the wedding planning process.

1.) Tell him what he is responsible for and try not to interfere. Think about his strengths and play to them. It's important that you plan your wedding day together. Delegating certain tasks and leaving certain decisions to him will help alleviate your stress as well as allow him to be more prepared for the big day.


2.) Ask him to compile his part of the wedding guest list. This can be done with the help of his parents or even friends. This allows him to be fully involved and know that the people closest to him will be invited.


3.) Involve some of his friends in your wedding planning journey. Men can easily get bored; having some of his friends will help make the process fun. E.g visit sites together or even go on food tastings together.


Happy Wedding Planning Lovelies :)