4 Unusual Wedding Ideas in 2018

Are you planning a 2018 wedding? Never settle for average. With the new wedding season fast approaching, we have ideas that will rock your world. Shake up your wedding with a touch of the unusual. We’ve compiled a fabulous list of the best unusual wedding trends that will make a lasting impression. Choose ones that resonate with your vision for your 2018 wedding, that will add a modern touch, and that will stand the test of time.

Why not think outside the box and serve up a dose of wedding ideas your guests will never forget? Let our list of unusual wedding ideas be the icing on your 2018 wedding. 


Tiny Tats For Your 2018 Wedding.

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With a growing number of us already sporting at least one tattoo, adding another is (pardon the pun) a piece of cake. Newly wedded lovebirds are showing off their love like never before (we’re not talking names, here people); tattoos have made their official entry into the lifetime partner commitment phase.

These seriously adorable tats are an unusual wedding idea for sure, but we say, gold bands? Please. Sealing the deal on your 2018 wedding with the addition of these tasteful and dainty matching tattoos is just what the love doctor ordered. Just like your vows, it’s meant to be a forever thing.



Fabric Effect Cakes: The Sweetest Unusual Wedding Trend


No, not literally fabric. Flowing fondant shaped like fabric. Swoon! We didn’t know love until we saw these bad boys right here! This unusual wedding idea is giving wedding gowns a run for their money and we’ve never been more thrilled.

Sink your teeth into this up and coming craze du jour that is sweeping the 2018 wedding scene by storm. These rather classic-looking sweethearts will have you salivating all night.



Unusual Wedding Transportation.


bridal couple on a bike

Don’t just leave your guests to their own devices to find their way to the reception. Make the trip a part of the event. It’s not what’s waiting on the other side that matters, it’s the journey there. This wedding idea can be a source of lots of fun for your guests. Wedding in the mountains? Dare your guests to hop on an ATV! Getting married in a chic barn? Horse and buggy it up!

Plus, after they’ve worked up an appetite, have the caterers on hand when hungry guests arrive, to keep the refreshments flowing. There’ll be lots of laughs and crazy pictures you can add to your photo album. Sounds like an Instagram story to me.



Unusual Wedding Food

Wedding Journal Online

Wedding Journal Online

By unusual, we mean local. This 2018 wedding trend is delicious. Hometown gems are the best for your local wedding. Scour your local directory for unusual wedding food or dazzle ‘em with all the delicious options, from their favorite local watering holes.

Jet-setting away? Treat your guests to a taste of their destination by introducing them to the local fare. This unusual wedding idea is catching on quick. Having a Mexican getaway? Keep things fresh with a sumptuous array of the local delicacies. Barbeque at Southern weddings will make your guests salivate over deliciously tender fixins’. Yum.

Why hasn’t this caught on before? We don’t know but we love it!


Getting married? These unusual wedding ideas for your 2018 wedding are sure to get your creative juices flowing. These unusual wedding ideas are simply amazing and so versatile, they’ll fit your every need. Which 2018 wedding trend is your favorite? We sure hope our list helped inspire more awesome wedding ideas of your own!



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