Q/A With KZ Invitations

1.) What does KZ stand for and a little background to how the brand was established?

KZ stands for Katerina Zmejkoska, my name, which is not particularly creative but was chosen as I wanted to establish a brand name that best represented me. KZ INVITATIONS was established in 2012 by the owner and creative director of the business, myself. I have been schooled in byzantine art and iconography and hold a diploma in illustration. After creating my invitations for my wedding I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to start up an invitation business focusing on high quality, luxury wedding stationery. 

KZ luxury invitations.


2.) Can you do custom invitations?

We custom create invitations all the time. As much as we love being creative, a lot of our designs originate from custom designs for our clients. Every client that comes to us has the option to have an invitation created just for them. We give great focus to customer service and want to ensure that all our clients are repeat customers. 

KZ luxury wedding invitations.


3.) Are there any new styles, trends and colour combinations Clients are considering? Which are the most popular?

As we sell invitations worldwide, it is difficult to say if there has been a particular style/trend/colour that clients are considering. Clients preferences vary from city to city let alone country to country. Clients come to us because they love what we create. Every single invitation is hand made, by a very small team, myself included. Our invitations are rarely in line with what is trending in the market as we aim to create timeless pieces of art, we rarely follow trends. Gold and silver accents are often a prerequisite as they have become a KZ signature, but colours are always varying. If I was to single out a design then our Vintage Flower collection has been popular for a long time. 


KZ luxury wedding invitation set.


4.) Can a client order all of their stationery from you, and what does a full stationery suite look like?

Clients can order all of their stationery from us. As well as invitations, we offer guest lists, guest books, bombonieres, menus, table numbers, thank you cards, place setting cards and save the date cards. Our latest products to be offered are luxury bridal party gift boxes. A full stationery suite is usually custom designed to share accents of the invitations and also tie in with the wedding decorations.

KZ luxury wedding invitations.


5.) What is the design process and how long does it take?

The design process takes usually between 4-8 weeks. The design process starts from the moment the client has contacted us. Most enquiries come through our website and clients usually give a description of their event or the design they are interested in. If an enquiry has come through social media then we ask our clients to give us more information about their event. It is an organic chat about what they have as a vision and what their ideas are for their special day.

Once we have enough information we send them an estimate of the cost of the design together with a few other design ideas. If a custom design is to be made then we send through our very rough ideas and inspiration for their stationery. Once a client is happy to proceed with their order we take a deposit and start creating their stationery. While we create the invitations, we regularly touch base with our clients so as to provide updates on their orders. Once an order is complete we will send the final invoice and upon payment the order is posted out immediately. All orders are posted express and are delivered worldwide within a week, unless of course they are held up in customs. 

KZ luxury wedding invitations.


6.) Do you specialise in a specific style or theme?

We specialise in luxury stationery. Our most luxurious designs use 24k gold leaf and/or genuine silver leaf. Other extravagant designs include our hand painted collection which are painted individually by myself with either watercolours or acrylic paints. A large array of of our designs also feature our signature decorative corners that make our stationery easily recognisable. I am a true artist at heart and love putting my energy into creating keepsakes that bring joy into peoples hearts.

KZ luxury wedding invitations.


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