After The Wedding Should I Trash The Dress?

You may have spent so much time and money on your wedding dress that you don’t want to part ways with it, but what can you do with a dress that only served one purpose? Believe it or not, your wedding dress can be repurposed so that it’s not put away to catch dust and never see the light of day again. 

You could always keep the dress as a keepsake, maybe something to show your children and your grandchildren, maybe the dress could be something that’s passed down the generations or redesigned for a daughter or granddaughter to wear on their wedding day for that added special touch. 

Why not celebrate a special anniversary with a romantic photoshoot of you and your husband. And wear the same dress you walked down the aisle in. They are also trashing the dress shoots that come out so lovely. With your husband you can take photos in your dress, at the beach and in the sea or why not, with your bridal party have a photo-shoot of you all trashing the dress, there are so many beautiful and creative ideas.

If keeping your dress isn’t something you want to do there are also charities that take wedding dress donations. There is a non-profit charity that accepts donated dresses that are then turned into small outfits to fit babies that have sadly been born sleeping or have passed away shortly after their birth.  (

Whatever you decide to do with your dress there is something out there for you. Good luck in finding the perfect way for you :)

♥ ❤