Are You A Choo Bride?

Choosing your bridal shoes can be very daunting but also exciting. There are so many styles and colours to choose from so be prepared to be a little overwhelmed. My first piece of advice would be to think about what you are looking for in your bridal shoes. Is it comfortability or is it the design?

You should always be realistic about the number of hours you are going to spend in these shoes so definitely choose a pair that is stylish but also comfy. Don't make the mistake of buying cheap shoes in a bid to save money. Wearing them long hours might just be unbearable! Really put some thought into it.

Your personal taste as well as wedding dress will definitely influence your choice of bridal shoes. Are you going to go for a blinged out pair of Jimmy Choo bridal sandals or are you going for a more sophisticated pair of sparkly Gina shoes? The choice is yours but always remember your style of wedding dress. Are you going to choose a shoe fabric that equates with your bridal gown.


Sometimes; It's always worth it to buy your shoes before your dress because only that way will you be able to try on your dress with your shoes. Your bridal gown tailor will then be able to adjust your hem accordingly. 

One last piece of advice I would offer would be to think about whether you would want to wear your shoes again. This will definitely influence your choice of wedding shoes. Most brides tend to go for shoes that they would wear again. Would you want to spend £400 on a pair of shoes that you will not wear again?  Perhaps not.


If you are going down this route then you might need to steer away from typical bridal shoe colours and maybe go for a dark silver or nude. You would be able to wear your shoes again to an event without you feeling like you are dressed for a wedding.

Remember that you feet needs comfort!

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