Choosing Your Wedding Dessert.

I'm a dessert junkie so dessert is the most important course for me at events; especially weddings. Cake is a traditional wedding dessert but we have seen this being replaced by many other elegant desserts such as creme brulee's, chocolate ganache's, raspberry tarts and profiterols etc. Whatever your choice, make sure that it reflects your own personal style.

Choosing your wedding menu can be very difficult because people have varied tastes aswell as the prevalance of restricted diets. The wedding meal is an important part of your wedding day which makes it further more complex. When it comes to choosing the right dessert for your guests,  I would suggest a dessert buffet; of course this is vastly expensive, but a wedding is so special that it is well worth investing into. A dessert buffet will ensure your guests have a variety than be limited to one or two choices.

If I could get a £1 for every wedding that I have attended with poor choices of food; I would seriously be a millionnaire. When choosing a catering company, be sure that they offer a food tasting session (my personal favourite) so that you can make your decision based on standards rather than what is on paper.  And of course lastly, make sure that presentation compliments the sensational taste.

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