Choosing Your Wedding Rings.

Choosing Your Wedding Rings

My favourite subject, DIAMONDS :) Ha Ha.... This is by far the most exciting aspect of wedding planning. It's important to take some time out and really shop around for your bling. It's important to also consider how your wedding ring would sit with your engagement ring. Aside that, what cut suits your personality? Are you someone that loves simplicity? Or are you an extravagant type? Choosing wedding rings that you will love and can wear for a long time can easily turn from exciting to daunting and stressful.

Wedding rings comes in many styles, shapes, stones, settings and metal. I don't want to bore you with the technicalities but my biggest advice is to shop around and try on as many as you can before your final choice. Choosing your wedding ring isn't an area that most wedding planners take care of. 


Wedding Ring Budget

Always set your wedding ring budget right at the very beginning. If you are using a wedding planner, she will ask you this when she sets up your wedding budget planner as this is included in the wedding cost. Decide on your wedding ring budget and STICK TO IT! 

Many times, couples have asked to use more money on their wedding ring and compromise all other elements. Realistically, you can get a stunning ring without breaking the bank. There are loads of amazing jewellers that can offer you sound advice and also help you find the perfect ring.


Wishing you luck on your diamond quest ♥ ❤