Creative Ways to Coordinate the Entire Wedding Party.

A lot of attention is generally paid to selecting bridal gowns and dresses for female attendants, but there are more members of the party to consider than just “the girls.” Groomsmen and other male attendants also have fashion considerations, and they have to be downright frightened when they hear that you’ve adopted a “feminine English garden” color palette with mint green bridesmaid dresses! What will you expect of them? How can you creatively coordinate the groomsmen’s attire with the rest of the party?

Male wedding party members can breathe a little easier knowing that you don’t have grand plans to dress them in mint or emerald or that pretty blush you were thinking of adding to the scheme. There are many options for incorporating coordinating accents.

Grooms men at a wedding.

The Traditional Route

If your groomsmen are wearing tuxedos, look for vests with a design that includes your signature color. In the mint green bridesmaid dresses example, you might choose a vest in a darker shade of green, or one with threads of mint, silver, blush, copper – any color from your palette that will tie the fashion pieces together.

Ties are one of the most flexible fashion accessories for men. They are available in almost an infinite number of shades and as many patterns. Coordinating ties with bridal party attire is one of the easiest ways to achieve a cohesive look.

Floral accents are another traditional point of coordination. While traditional is good, don’t feel obligated to choose a single rose boutonniere with a sprig of baby’s breath – a bloom that matches your bridesmaids’ bouquets is a subtle and sophisticated way to match their style.


A Little Outside of the Box

Hosting a more casual wedding? Dark or light colored suits can be matched with a button down shirt taken straight from your palette. Make sure that the formality of your dresses and suits roughly match and that all are comfortable for the weather of the day. Want to get just a little crazy? Gift your groomsmen with some really cool colorful socks and don’t forget to tell your photographer.


Options on the Wild Side

If you’re ready to let loose and have some fun with color across the party, then certainly don’t exclude the men. Beach weddings allow for all kinds of fashion flexibility including palette-honoring floral print shirts (floral is all the rage in bridal fashion for the new year!), colorful linen shirts with light colored shorts, and even matching flip flop sandals. Hipster weddings practically beg for palette-inspired scarves – and maybe even suits depending on your chosen hues! Converse shoes are highly popular wedding accessories nowadays and come in an amazing range of custom shades. If you’ve decided to be adventurous with color, by all means, go all the way!

It’s easy to get caught up in bridesmaid fashion – making sure they have dresses that flatter their figures, the perfect shoes, matching jewelry, makeup and hairstyles. Don’t forget that the men you have chosen to stand with you also play important roles in your lives – give their attire due consideration and enjoy the beauty of your efforts on your very special day.



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