Creative Wedding Favours.

Favours are a great way to share a part of your wedding day with guests. Create your own personalised favours to give as a token of your appreciation.

Many people now choose to create favours that not only represent them but also fits with the theme of the weddings. There is literally no limit to what can be made and given.

You may choose to make your own, or you may choose to buy them already made. There are now many cost-effective ways to create yours and there are also many sellers that will create custom orders.

If you don't want to make your own and save time, Etsy is an online marketplace that is magical for custom favours. I will list my top ten creative wedding favours: -

10)  Candles

Candles as wedding favours, are great and long lasting. You can buy them cheaply, or even make them yourself at home. There's so much you can do with them, you can create your own scents that guests will always associate with your wedding and they can also be coloured to continue your wedding theme colours. For a creative and unique ways to display them, you can have them in cute vintage tea cups, or even small minute mason jars, or a votive jar with the wedding date on.


9) Alcohol

Give guests small bottles of spirits, along with a mixer and small customised glass to drink their tipple of choice. If spirits aren't their thing you can give small bottles of wine or champagne. All of which can be customised to reflect your wedding day somehow. Which can be saved to make a toast to the bride and groom.


8) Hangover kit

After a long night celebrating your day what better way to look after your guests than with help from a hangover kit. The kit could include painkillers for those alcohol induced headaches, an eye mask to keep the sun out of your sore eyes the morning after, and water to rehydrate the body, and maybe even a shot of alcohol for hair of the dog. For a more personalised kit, you could even include your own hangover potion.


7) Tiny Succulent/Cacti

I am a huge lover of Succulent and Cacti and think that this is such a lovely way to commemorate and remember your wedding by. A long lasting and low maintenance plant that will always remind guests of your day for as long as it lasts and be decorated to look amazing.

6) Craft gin/beer

Craft gin and beers are all the rage now if you're a fan of either why not give small samples to guests. It's adding your personality to the day, but can also be used in place of a name card on the table. Add name labels to bottles so that guests can find their seats.


5) Custom cocktails and mocktails

Have you decided to have a specially created cocktail or mocktail for those that don’t drink alcohol for your day that represents you and your groom? Want your guests to be able to take that with them? Why not have your customised cocktail bottled for them to take home. Also creating small recipe cards so that they can always keep recreating that special flavour.


4) Kids favour box

Kids are easily bored, and a wedding isn't always the place for the kids so creating a favour box full of treats and goodies for the kids is a sure-fire way of keeping them entertained throughout the day. Filling the pack with things such as a colouring book and crayons, sweets and snacks, play-dough, and make it fun by adding some surprises. For extra added fun, create a treasure hunt and include the clues in the favour box.


3) Wellington boots

Are you having an outdoor wedding and rain's now forecasted? Why not supply your guests with customised wellington boots to match your theme colour. This may seem costly, but is such a great idea that will help overlook the fact that the weather isn't going as planned and will have been an added extra to create beautiful wedding shots.


2) Chocolate

Sticking with traditions, why not create your own unique and one of a kind chocolate for guests, and store in cute boxes that guests can take away with them with or without the chocolate and reuse.


1) Scents

My absolute favourite creative favour is creating your own scent for your guests. You can create a perfume or an oil to give guests. That they can wear, or burn in their homes. The scent will always be one that they can relate to your day. With just the scent they can remember the memories of your special day.

These are just my top ten, but there are hundreds and hundreds of ideas for you to choose from, maybe you can make something incredibly unique and personal to you to share with your guests.

Please share with us what you decide to make for your special day, using the hashtag #luxebyminihaha on Twitter and Instagram.

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