Designing Your Custom Wedding Gown

Brides are inundated with wedding gown options. Perhaps you have a perfect dress in mind but can’t quite find the one? Having a custom designed gown is the perfect option in this instance. Having a bridal gown designer custom make your wedding dress is such a fun and magical process that requires much planning time as you will most probably be starting from scratch.

Having a custom wedding gown will have an even more special meaning for you will be almost guaranteed individuality and uniqueness. Your personal taste and style will make your wedding dress distinctively yours.

Once you have found the perfect wedding dress designer, you should do your research on which fabrics, style, theme, shape of dress your want before your first design meeting with them. It will also be a great idea for you to bring any images or videos you may have that can help them visualise what you have in mind for the perfect wedding dress.

You should also have appointments with a few designers and look at their portfolio before working with one just make sure that you have all of your ideas to help you communicate your ideas clearly at all of your appointments. One final piece of advice is to give yourself enough time; ideally 12-6months to factor in time for finding the perfect fabric to alterations etc.

Happy wedding planning :)

Minihaha ♡