''D'' Is For Dessert.

With so many things to plan for your wedding, it is often easy to overlook certain aspects and leave out the most intricate details. Why not go beyond wedding tradition and offer your guests a delectable dessert idea. 

Desserts are fun and you can be as flamboyant as your creative mind will take you. I have such a sweet tooth so I always urge my couple's to totally go wild on their dessert choice Ha Ha. Wedding food in general is important at weddings but dessert is one of the intricate wedding details you are ought to choose carefully.

Dessert goes beyond tasting good; your display also has to look the part and tie in with the overall wedding theme. There are so many ways to display your wedding dessert for your guests to enjoy. You can either have a dessert station where you offer your guests a variety of choices to choose from or you can have a sit down dessert where your guests make a prior choice before your wedding day.

The decision is entirely up to you and they are both equally good. You just have to remember budget and number of guests before making your final choice.


♥ ❤