D.I.Y Wedding Trends.

If you highly creative, you will sure enjoy the possibility of creating your wedding on your own without the help of professional companies. Wedding DIY can really elevate a wedding and can really make the wedding truly unique. 

How fun would it be to tell all your guests that you made some things your self? There are so many things which you could DIY for your wedding such as: -

1.) Stationery - One of my most favourite craft shop is Hobby Craft. They have specialist craft items such as glitter, feathers, paint, cardboard to a wide range of stunning ribbon.

All these items could really aid in creating truly unique but stunning wedding stationery. This sorely depends on how much time you have on your hands as well as how many guests you have for your wedding. If you have a large guest count, it might be worth it to source a specialist Stationer to design and create impeccable wedding stationery for you.

 2.) Dessert Table - Lets face it; I am a sucker for good dessert. I have a sweet tooth :) So anything that involves dessert, I have a strong opinion on. I think this is by far one of the best ways to really create a masterpiece for your wedding.

Wedding catering is one of the most expensive wedding costs you will incur during the entire wedding planning process. This also strongly depends on your guest list as well as how sophisticated you want your wedding menu to be. 

There are plenty of easy dessert ideas which you could make your self and create a beautiful dessert station for your guests to enjoy. This includes jelly shots, vanilla pudding mix and even tarts if you are a good baker. One thing to always remember is that people eat with their ideas; so good presentation always goes a long way.

3.) Wedding Favours - I planned a wedding where my bride's mother in law offered to make a specialty home made jam as wedding favours. I thought this was such a fun and cool idea and it ultimately served the couple some money from their wedding budget. 

Why not think of creative ideas that you could easily make your self at home for your guests to enjoy? This could include home made edible favours, personalised candles or if you really want to be fancy; home made scented perfume ;) Oooo!!!

A DIY wedding is a fun and cool choice if you really want to be involved hands on in the whole wedding planning process. It could ultimately cut down your costs by a lot however it is very time consuming. Think about it, you will have to spend hours to ensure each detail is as perfect and coherent with everything. There are tons of inspiring ideas available on Pinterest for you to consider.

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