Exotic Indian Weddings.

Last night as I was looking for some inspiration for an upcoming event; I realised that I rarely touch up on Traditional weddings. This week, I will post a few traditional weddings ideas. Today I will focus on Indian weddings.

No-one does weddings like how Indians plan & design theirs. Everything is extravagant; from the flowers, bright colour themes, to the exotic food choices, expensive jewellery and not to mention the large guest lists. As I was going to blog about it, I decided to educate myself on Indian weddings. Now here is the fun part, i'm going to test my knowledge :)

As important as it is to join the bride & groom together; emphasis is put on joining families together. There are so many symbolic meanings to how Indians celebrate their weddings. One particular fascination of mine is Mehandi. I am intrigued by the designs and precision put into drawing women's hands, palms and feet with a paste made from fine ground leaves of the Henna plant.

Traditionally this ritual is mostly celebrated by the woman's side of the family. The intricate designs symbolises joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering. I never understood why people do it as I have come across so many Henna artists.Above all the different rituals and symbolisations celebrated by Indians, The most important one is The Saptapadi ( seven steps ) which the couple takes together.

These beautiful and romantic steps define: -

First step , the couple invokes the Gods for plentitude of food.

Second step , the couple prays to the Gods to give them both mental and physical strength and a healthy life free from ailments.

Third step is for the fulfilment of spiritual obligation for the couple and for the successful performance of their spiritual duties.

Fourth step is for the attainment of happiness in all walks of life.

Fifth step is to pray for the welfare of all living entities in the entire Universe.Sixth step is for bountiful seasons all over the world.

Seventh step is taken invoking the prayer and sacrifice for universal peace.

I never quite understood why Asian weddings take a week until I did my research. Several other ceremonies take place after the Saptapadi and it ends with the couple living happily ever after.

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