How To Increase Wedding Guest Comfort.

This is a topic that often gets left right till the end during the entire wedding planning journey. Before choosing all the wedding details; always remember that guest comfort comes first.

There are so many things to consider depending on the style of wedding you want. Some things which often get left behind and that you wouldn't think of if you didn't have a wedding planner is providing heating if you are having an outdoor wedding. Lets face it, summer nights do get a bit chilly too especially in England where the weather is very inconsistent.

The top 3 most overlooked wedding details that can enhance guest comfort are: -

Contingency plan

1.) Always draw up a contingency plan for your wedding especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. Where will you go if the weather decides to rain? Will you provide umbrellas for sunny spells? Alternate heated location when the evening becomes chilly? 

Seating arrangements

2.) Designate seating arrangements. This is at the core of my wedding and event planning principles. I have been involved with a number of brides who simply refuse to have a guest list as well as to have a seating arrangement in place. What is the point of hiring a wedding planner if your day is not going to be thoroughly organised? 

I have attended so many weddings where some guests are left without food or stand during speeches etc. These situations do not look good in your wedding images and certainly will leave your guests quite bitter. 


Catering options

3.)  Catering is one of the most important but yet expensive wedding planning task. If you have a budget that permits; Provide multiple menu choices for your wedding guests to cater to their dietary requirements. There is nothing worse than an hungry guest believe me! 

The cheapest way to provide a variety of meal options for your guests is by providing a buffet style meal. However, always make sure that you delegate someone to manage the buffet area by either having someone to plate the food or someone to manage the Que. This could definitely get messy if it is not managed correctly.

I have attended a wedding where guests plated their own food and by the time the queue was halfway, the rice and several others were finished because people weren't considerate of others. This left a lot of people frustrated and caused guests to go home early. 

Make sure your catering is coherent with the rest of your wedding theme. There is no point in having a black tie event and expect your guests to stand up and queue up for a meal too. Whatever decision you make; ensure you word it correctly on your wedding invites and save the dates so that your guests know exactly what to expect.

I hope you have a brilliant wedding planning journey and do not hesitate to contact me should you need any more advice.

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