How To Design A Killer Toptable!

Nailing your wedding toptable is about having a level of sophistication. Top table designing is usually one of the trickiest parts of wedding planning. Choosing where the table will sit, traditional top table layout or sweetheart table. The decision is yours to make but we are going to make that a little easier for you.


Designing an amazing top-table requires skill. My advice will be to add candles and loads of them. Candle light is romantic and magical and will add just the right amount of elegance to your top table. The key to achieving an amazing top-table designed with loads of candles is adding height. Adding a range of heights and warmth to your top-table design will create an amazing glow which will also look great in your wedding photos.


Lastly; whats a wedding without flowers? Adding floral arrangements to your top table design is clever and modern. Do look for seasonal blooms that will add some texture and personality to your floral designs; obviously using colours that cohere with the rest if the tables.


Here are some of our absolutely favourite top table designs by some of industry's avante-garde designers listed in no particular order.


1.) Revelry Event Design

2.) Karen Tran

3.) Celio's Design

4.) Laura & co Events

5.) Makini Regal Designs