Injecting Personal Style Into Your Wedding.

For many, a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience to showcase personal style and taste. It's important that both the bride and groom incorporate their personal style into their wedding. Over the years we have seen the transition from traditional weddings to more modernised weddings.

So many wedding elements are slowly being replaced and definitely re-designed to suit our era. It's very normal for a couple to feel like they are doing things wrong as so many people will want to add their opinions during the wedding planning journey. One of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner is telling your family and friends that your planner is in charge so then they won't feel as opinionated or obligated to rule over your desires.

It's absolutely okay to walk down the aisle in a green dress, It's absolutely fine to not want any children at your wedding. Remember; IT IS YOUR WEDDING DAY and no-one else's. Ultimately you will end up paying for what your family and friends want: So remember to stay firm and trust your decisions.

Some ways to uniquely incorporate your personal style into your wedding is by: -

•  Custom designed wedding invites.

•  Soundtrack of all your favourite songs to play during the reception.

•  Handwritten vows.

• Signature cocktails (using your favourite fruits and naming it something personal to your relationship). 

• Unique wedding theme.

• Unique  wedding favours.

With these simple added wedding elements, you will be able to inject fun and individuality into your wedding. Of course, not every couple is crafty, but think of creative ways of incorporating your personal style and love story to the overall wedding theme.

Your wedding guests will absolutely love it as they can connect with you both. And who doesn't want their wedding being the talk of town for months to come? I know I do Ha Ha So get creative and REMEMBER IT IS YOUR WEDDING, nothing is too crazy or over the top. If you can dream it, you certainly should make it a reality.


Enjoy ♥ ❤