Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas!

The Beach

beach outdoor wedding

The beach is probably one of the most popular wedding venues, and it’s not hard to see why. There aren’t many more beautiful settings than the sea and sandy shore. Just keep in mind that not all dresses can work for a beach wedding; opt for something a bit airier that also allows for plenty of movement. Moreover, a veil near the sea might not be the best idea because it can be quite difficult to control in the wind. Speaking of wind, it’s not uncommon for evenings at the beach to become windy and chilly, so make sure to have a backup plan in case the weather changes. Finally, be aware of the potential noise at the beach, and make sure to prepare a quality sound system, so your guests can actually hear your vows.

Central Park

Central Park wedding venue

If you’re from the USA and thinking of eloping to New York, consider having your wedding in one of the most iconic and beautiful parks in the world. Central Park has many different venue options, from the romantic Shakespeare’s Garden that is filled with gorgeous flowers, to Wagner’s Cove that is perfect for a more intimate wedding. One thing is for sure, Central Park has some of the most amazing views, and most of the outdoor wedding ideas can be turned into a reality in this park. However, if your wedding destination is nowhere near your hometown, don’t forget to inform your guests in time, and help them with the traveling and accommodation details as much as you can.


luxury wedding toast

If you already have a destination in mind, consider holding your wedding party in a boutique hotel that already has everything you’d need for a perfect wedding – including a scenic garden. Organizing your wedding in a beautiful outdoor wedding venue in Sydney means that you’d have much less to worry about when it comes to catering, seating options, bathrooms, etc. Therefore, you’d be able to focus on the details that would make your wedding truly yours. Just make sure to do your research, as you want to choose a hotel that has experience with weddings, especially if you’re planning a bigger party.

Your own backyard

Bride with champagne

Sometimes, you don’t have to go far to find the best outdoor wedding venue. If you have a big backyard, you can organize a wedding at home as well. First, make sure there actually is enough space for all your guests. Next, as always, keep the weather in mind – rent a tent or canopy in case of rain, and make sure there is plenty of shade in case of warmer weather. Also, adjust your food choices to the setting, whether you’ll be ordering pre-prepared food or making barbecue in the yard. Finally, keep in mind the size of your wedding in case you need to rent some portable toilets, extra supplies, chairs, etc.

Organizing an outdoor wedding can be a challenge, especially since you have to take into consideration things that you cannot really control, like the elements. This is why you should start planning in advance, be well prepared in case of rain, and always have a backup plan in case the weather simply does not allow you to be outside. By doing your research and organizing everything on time, you can rest assured that your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

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