Planning A Wedding In A Rush

Quite often, when you read wedding planning guides, you might read about what you are meant to be doing twelve months before the wedding. In fact, some guides advice you to start looking at venues and dresses two full years in advance of the big day. But, we don’t all have that long, and you might be looking at the guides and getting into a bit of a panic. 

There are many reasons why we get married in a bit of a rush. Some couples want to get it done so that they can focus on saving for a house or starting a family. Others want to get married quickly because there’s already a family on the way, or at home waiting. Sometimes, couples just don’t want to wait. They don’t see the point in a long engagement, and they just can’t wait to be man and wife. Or husband. Or wife and wife. They just want to enjoy the day, and get on with the rest of their lives as a married couple

There’s nothing wrong with any of these reasons, and there’s certainly no right amount of time to be engaged. You could take years to plan a wedding or weeks. Whatever you want to do, you can make it work. But, planning a wedding in a rush means that you don’t have the luxury of taking your time. You might need to put a little more thought into it, and plan more efficiently. Here are some tips to help. 

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Think Outside of the Box with Venues
Popular wedding and reception venues book up in advance, especially on Saturdays in the summer months. There can be waiting lists dragging on for years. So, think outside the box. Why not get married in your local town hall and have the reception in a local bar or community centre? Don’t google “wedding venues” just look for venues and large spaces. Cafes that close at 5 pm might be able to host your reception after hours. Look on local forums, ask around and visit places, you might find the perfect wedding reception venue, that’s never done one before. 

Be Honest with People
When you look at venues, outfits, entertainment, or anything else to do with your wedding, be upfront about the timeframe. Let them know straight away what you are working with. Then they can honestly tell you whether they can do it or not. 

Try an Unusual Date

You don’t have to get married on a Saturday. If you want to do it quickly, get married mid-week. Fewer places and people will be booked up, and it might even be cheaper. 

However, if a lot of your friends and family work weekdays, they might need plenty of notice to book the day off. If you want a smaller wedding, this can be a bonus, and you can always invite people to the reception after work. 

Confirm the Date ASAP

As soon as you find a venue that you like, make sure they have the date that you want free, or move things around a little if possible and officially confirm your date as soon as you can. Only then can you take further steps forward. 

Book the date, pay a deposit to secure it, and then start letting close family and friends know so that they can make sure that they can be free as soon as possible, even before you think about invites. 

Get the Legalities Out of the Way

While TV shows often make it look as though you can walk into a registry office and get married with no forethought, this isn’t the case. You need to give notice of marriage; usually at least a month before the wedding but no more than one year before. Depending on where you live, and what kind of wedding you want, you might have other legalities to sort, so make sure you check. Even getting appointments for these can take weeks, so get on the phone and book as soon as you have a date. Let them know on the phone that you are in a hurry and they may be able to help you to speed things along. 

Keep the Guest List Small

A small wedding is easier, and quicker, to plan. It’s also considerably cheaper. If you have a wedding or reception in an unconventional venue, you might not even be able to invite a large number of people. So, keep the guest list small. Invite only those that you would invite to your house for dinner. 

Send Invites

You’ve got a date and an address, there’s a guest list, and the important people already know the date. It’s time to get invites from luxury wedding invites from Pure Invitation and send them out. Give people a mobile number or email address to RSVP to, to speed things up. 

Think About What You Really Want

Do you want favours and flowers? Do you need a fancy car? Or the best DJ? Think about what you really want for your wedding day, without worrying about tradition or how other people feel. Get rid of anything that you don’t need. 

Find Your Outfit

If you are getting married soon, you won’t have time for custom made. So shop off the rack. Or, even better, avoid wedding dresses entirely. Find something that you like and get some adjustments if you have time. 

Let Bridesmaids Wear Their Own

It’s easier not to have bridesmaids, but if you want them, letting them wear their own clothes will make things much faster. 

Enjoy the Process
Planning a wedding can be stressful, however long you take to do it. But, sometimes the stress is actually reduced when you have a tight timescale to work with. You just don’t have the time to panic or worry. You have to keep moving forward. But, that can also mean that you don’t have the time to enjoy it. Planning your wedding is important. It’s exciting, and it can be something that you enjoy together. Let your partner help, spend time planning together, and enjoy yourself. If ever it seems to be getting stressful, or when the panic is rising, take a step back. Have a day away from it, do something fun, and remember why you are doing it all.

Contributed by Meghan Lewis