4 Real Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Designer

You want your wedding cake to not only be delicious but to also be stunning. When booking your wedding cake designer, it’s important that you meet them and ask all the right questions to ensure that you are the perfect fit. To give you some guidance; we have put together top 4 questions to ask potential cake designers.

1.) Do they offer complimentary cake tastings?

It’s important that you taste samples of the cakes before booking with any cake designer for your wedding cake. The cake should taste as good as it looks. If they don’t offer complimentary tastings, you should find out the cost of having one.

2.) What flavours do they work with?
Some designers allow custom flavourings if you have any filling choice that you would like that the designer doesn’t already make. It’s important to ask this question beforehand so you have exactly what you want for your big day.

3.) If you want real flowers on your wedding cake, will they be open to working with your florist?

Fresh flowers in lieu of sugar flowers are definitely the cheaper option. Asking in advance will give your cake designer time to design your cake with other elements such as fresh flowers in mind.

4.) Are there any additional fees?

Some cake designers charge extra for delivery, cake stands and other things. It’s a great idea to know exactly what’s being charged and what they are charging you for.

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