Relax The Night Before The Big Day!

Every bride will want to look great on their special day so a calm and relaxed night the day before is just perfect! There's a huge lead up to the big day and before you know it you're waking up on your wedding day with so much going on. To make sure you’re not feeling too lost in excitement, below are two of the most important things you should do the night before your big day.

Beauty Prep

I always tell my brides to completely spoil themselves the day before with a relaxing pamper session with your bridesmaids; A lovely hot bubble bath with some chilled music and champagne or book yourself in for a massage or a facial.


Pre-wedding jitters might make it extremely difficult to even consider going to sleep. Your big day will be a long one; from the preparations, the ceremony to the wedding reception. Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital! A lack of sleep can mean puffy eyes, headache, dark circles and even dull looking skin. All the things a bride doesn’t want for her big day.

Experiment with a few bedtime rituals before the big day and see what works for you. Some people find that using drops of aromatherapy oil on their pillow, such as lavender can be soothing before bed time.

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