Relaxing Ideas For A Bride.

Most brides find it immensely difficult to relax before their wedding day. If you are feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed while wedding planning; you need to take a mini break and relax.


You want to enjoy your wedding planning experience. Follow our advice for a relaxed wedding planning process. Remember that a relaxed bride is a beautiful glowing one!

Champagne - oooh yes!!! Whenever planning becomes overwhelming, pour your self a glass or two of your favourite bubbly! We promise you will feel better.

champagne and roses

Pamper yourself - Get the girls together and enjoy a weekend of pampering. You can even detour on a weekend away! This allows you to forget about all the wedding planning details and focus on you for an entire weekend.


Arrange a date night with your soon to be hubby and enjoy each other away from all the wedding planning stress. Don't even discuss the wedding please!

champagne by lit candles

Minihaha ♡