Should You Have A Cocktail Hour?

Cocktail Hour

There are so many wedding details to consider when wedding planning. Cocktail hour is very relaxed and you can have it as simple or as extravagant as you wish. The opportunities for you to be creative are endless from exotic Hors d'oeuvres, stunning decor, and signature cocktails; the choice is yours.

Even though you should spend some time planning all the little details of your cocktail hour; don't stress too much on it though. Cocktail hour precedes before your reception and allows your guests to socialise. The whole point is to create a relaxing atmosphere so why spend too much time planning something that will only last an hour or so.

Over the years we have seen a transition from simpler cocktail hours to grand ones full of expensive champagne, caviar and lux decor. Many venues will offer a separate room to accommodate your cocktail hour or maybe have an outdoor one perhaps? I planned a wedding that had an outdoor cocktail hour last Summer and it was absolutely beautiful. The couple chose to have their photographs taken as well as have doves released before guests sat down for their evening meal.

Whatever you decide, you and your guests will love it!!! Happy wedding planning :)

♥ ❤