Should You Have An Engagement Party?

Congratulations on your engagement! You are now wondering whether you should have an engagement party or not. Engagement parties could be a fun and great way to announce and celebrate your engagement.

You can choose so many settings for this exciting soiree. You can either have a big lavish do or even a smaller intimate gathering with you close family and friends. Optimally the engagement party should be held right after the engagement; when everything is still fresh and exciting.




Do Not, I repeat Do Not ...

Announcing your engagement via social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is beyond Engagement etiquette. Why not gather your close family and friends together to announce this beautiful event? Announcing it this way can seem very impersonal and might even end up upsetting a few people. Steer clear!!!




Should I go grandeur?

Many couples (if planning their own) choose to have a smaller intimate gathering with a close circle of friends and family. This is such a perfect way to get both of the family members together especially if they haven't met yet. 

Having a grande engagement party could end up being overly costly for you as well as hectic. However; If your budget persists, you can have a glamorous event to give your guests a taster of what the wedding day would be like.

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