Step Parent Involvement!

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Your relationship with your step parent and the length of time that they have been a part of your life plays a huge part in the amount of involvement they can have in your wedding planning process. Dealing with situations between parents and stepparents can be difficult especially if they do not get along. But let’s assume they do. Weddings are all about celebrating love after all. Here are our top 3 ways you could involve your step parents in your wedding planning.

Include Them On Your Invites.

You can list your step-parents names on your invitations especially if they are making a financial contribution towards the wedding.

Attend Some Planning Appointments Together.

A lot of this highly depends on how close you are with your step parent and your family situation. But having your step parent at your food tasting or even attending some venue visits together will help them feel included.


Don’t forget to include them in wedding-day gift giving especially if your stepparents have contributed towards the planning your special day.

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