Top 3 Reasons Not To Get Married.

In my opinion, the most beautiful aspect of a wedding is marriage. Whenever I think of marriage, I think of Kalu Igwe Kalu's poem on marriages being beautiful when a couple has a strong spiritual relationship. How beautiful it is to live the rest of your life with your best friend & your soul mate.

Aside the beauty of marriage; many people often find themselves getting married for the wrong reasons. Not only is this a waste of time and money, but also a losing the chance of marrying someone else for all the right reasons - simply because you cannot live without them.

All your friends are getting married - 

Let's face it, We all get to an age where we really want to have the fairytale life we envisioned from a young age. This forces many people to get married to someone they are either unsure of or someone that they are not compatible with just because the clock is ticking and everyone around you is getting married. Take your time to get to know your spouse before a lifelong commitment such as marriage.


Because you want a Fairytale wedding -

As obvious as this seems, it is undeniable that many people find themselves tying the knot just to have a fairytale wedding. A wedding is only for one day but marriage is forever. Can you bear bringing your family and friends together just so you can please your infatuation? 

Getting married is a life-long commitment that should be given enough thought to begin with. I would love to plan a glamorous wedding for you, but ONLY if you are in LOVE and want to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. No matter how well planned your wedding is if you are getting married for the wrong reasons; the whole ordeal will just end in a disaster that could traumatise you for the rest of your life.



Cold Feet, Jitters or Simply Doubt? 

Thousands of emotions run through the bride and groom's mind when planning a wedding. So much can happen in such a short space of time that could confuse your feelings for the partner you are about to marry. You really have to dig deep and give your situation enough thought to determine whether your feelings at that particular moment are only temporary or whether they are warning you for a rocky road ahead. No doubt that all marriages are challenging, but you have to be with the one worth all the ups & downs that come with it.

Happy Wedding Planning Guys ♥ ❤