Top 3 Tips For Flawless Wedding Skin.

Every bride wants to look stunning for her big day. To achieve a flawless look, you have to start skin care preparations months before, not the day before. Forward planning is always good :)


Having great skin is all about what you do daily. This involves the type of skin care treatment you use, what you eat and what you drink. Your cleansing steps create a great foundation for your other skin care routine. Drink plenty of water and remember to add fruit and vegetable to your diet. This will go a long way, believe me :)


One of the important things to do to your skin is to exfoliate. This is so important and often left out. Make sure to try out exfoliation that works for your skin and incorporate this into your weekly skin care routine.

diy face mask

One last piece of advice is to try and avoid stress. I am sure wedding planning stress is almost inevitable BUT the last thing you want is a breakout on your wedding day. Take drastic action by arranging a spa day with your girlies a few days before your wedding day so that you can relax and unwind.


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