Top 5 details that will make your wedding flawless

There is no denying that planning your wedding is overwhelming. There is a lot of decisions to be made and so much money to spend. The key to a standout wedding always remains with what you both like as a couple. Don't be coerced into making trendy decisions that go against what you like. It's your wedding day after all.


It's the little things that count and we have a top 5 list of details that will make your wedding one to remember.


1.) Design a stunning ceremony entrance. First impressions count.


2.) A customised aisle runner.


3.) Gorgeous lighting. The right lighting will make your wedding pictures look absolutely stunning. You can even go as far as choosing coloured lighting.


4.) Favours that are thoughtful and meaningful. Remember that these aren't a necessity; but this will always remind your guests about your wedding day for years to come.


5.) Dessert table that is designed to perfection. Lets face it, amongst many things your wedding decor and cake are the core of your wedding. An amazing dessert table will entice your wedding guests.