Top 5 Wedding Details Brides Always Forget.

Planning a wedding is one of the most fun and exciting times in a brides life. From planning your wedding decor to choosing your bridal party; the wedding planning list is somewhat endless.

Whilst planning your own wedding day is exciting, It is also very easy to forget some intricate details that can aid in making your wedding a stress free day.

We have compiled a list of Top 5 wedding details Brides always forget.



1.) Thoroughly Reading All Supplier Contracts - I have had so many inquiries regarding dealing with last minute disputes between a client and a supplier e.g venue.

It is quite frustrating for me as a Wedding Planner to deal with certain issues last minute whilst a client could have avoided any mishaps by hiring me from the beginning. 

It is absolutely mandatory that you read the small print on ALL supplier contracts before signing anything or before paying any deposits. Most importantly, make sure that your chosen supplier understands and can deliver your vision.



2.) The Wedding License - Many weddings are delayed because the groom quite often forgets to bring the wedding license. That piece of paper can stand in the way of you being legally married so you just have to keep reminding your charming Prince to bring it to the wedding :) Lets face it; he has billions of responsibilities that a wedding license is one of the last things on his mind.

3.) Providing A Meal For Wedding Supplier - E.g your wedding photographer or your wedding DJ. Do not forget to include them in your wedding numbers for your catering as it is really important that they are fed. 

These people will work hours to make your wedding day as beautiful as you imagined. So why not feed them to recharge their battery's? They will probably work better if they are fed whilst on duty.


4.)  Delegating responsibilities for after the wedding reception - It is always important to let people know what they would be doing on the wedding day itself months in advance so that they can be prepared. E.g appointing someone to take gifts home.


5.) Guest Comfort - Your wedding day will be talked about months after (good or bad), so it is vital that you make your mark right from the very beginning. Think about what will make you comfortable at a wedding and incorporate those ideas to your wedding. 

Your wedding guests are very important, you need to ensure that you make most of your decisions centred around them. This includes: -

• If you are planning an outdoor wedding, are you going to provide heaters for your guests as sometimes it could get quite chilly even when it is forecasted to be warm.

• Creating a menu that caters for vegetarians.

• Ensuring that your venue has wheelchair access (If applicable)

• Ensuring that your guests receive an itinerary well beforehand. This allows them to know exactly where they will be and at what time.

I hope that this gives you some advice and will hopefully help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible. Remember to always have a back up plan for everything! Anything can go wrong and being able to think on your feet and quickly averting any issues on the wedding day really takes patience and really good organisation! 

Happy Wedding Planning ♥ ❤