6 Tricks to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress.

The logistics of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You want your special day to be magical and perfect, but it can require many hours’ planning. To help reduce the stress, here are 6 genius tricks to make the planning go smoother.


1. Leave room in your budget for solving problems


A wedding budget will help you immensely in your preparations. It makes it easier to search for vendors and venues – you have a broad idea of what your budget allows you to do. However, don’t ever allocate your entire wedding budget. Leave around 8% to 10% of your budget for emergency spending – such as reprinting invites, extra tailoring costs and anything else that might come out of the blue.


2. Pick an all-for-one venue


Having to juggle the planning of separate venues can be time consuming. A single venue with the capability to accommodate you and the guests and both the ceremony and reception will reduce logistical problems and save you from the stress of being stuck in traffic, having guests get lost, and trying to find dates when the availability of the church matches that of a reception venue.


3. Decipher wedding vendor reviews


Take advantage of testimonials when you’re looking for wedding vendors. If the vendors are regularly exceeding expectations, then you’ll probably be dealing with a true professional. Note also the half-hearted compliments where the focus is just on the vendor being on time or being nice – these probably mean you’re not dealing with someone who’ll excite you with their service!


4. Show, don’t just tell, vendors what you want


When you are dealing with vendors, you want to be as specific as you can right from the start. Don’t just tell your vendors what you want but show them what your ideal bouquet, menu, wedding invitation, fireworks display or wedding playlist looks like. You’re not being picky but actually making the vendor’s life easier by knowing what you want. If you spend a bit of time doing this, you won’t need to keep e-mailing back and worth with the vendor figuring out the perfect colour or flavour combinations and the like.


5. Print ‘Who to Call’ leaflets for vendors


The bride and groom should definitely not be worrying about anything on the morning of the big day. However, no matter how well you’ve planned everything, something minor (or major!) can happen. But it shouldn’t be your responsibility to solve it. So, print out beautiful cards that outline who the vendor should call in case there is a problem or just a simple question to ask. Have more than one number and outline the person’s duties – for example, bridesmaids are better equipped to answer bride related issues rather than calling the best man!


6. Just book a professional


Of course, you could always just hire a wedding planner to help you out! It can be the perfect way to take the stress of your shoulders and to have someone else deal with the vendors. While enlisting friends and family can be a great choice, a professional wedding planner will add extra layer of assuredness to your big day – you can guarantee things go well.


With these wedding planning tricks, you can ease the stress and have a smoother ride towards your big day!


Stuart Green