Upclose & Personal with Minihaha ♡

Born on the 18th of May, my parents named me Minihaha after my granddad's suggestion. 

Many people ask me where my name came from as it is so unique. 

Here is the story. Minihaha was a fictional character in a native American poem. The name means "laughing water - waterfall" oooh lala


10 Random Facts About Me.


I am obsessed with Pink, Rose Gold & Gold. Anything luxe of course.

I love travelling! Going to embark on an 50 countries in 100 days challenge in the near future. 

I love love love my son, Danté. My heartbeat

My favourite restaurant is Gaucho.

I am obsessed with all things styling. Especially interior design.

I love all things stylish.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time! It is so magical.

I am obsessed with red roses. 

I love 90s RnB. My favourite is Jagged Edge. There is not one song, I do not know :)

My favourite ice-cream is bubble gum, grape and candy floss.


&& there you have me! 


Minihaha ♡