Vintage, Retro or Modern Bridal Veil?

The veil has long served a utilitarian role in bridal attire. What was once used as a symbol of purity, and thought to ward off evil spirits is now all about style. Worn by many trendsetting celebrities, it's very rare that a bride goes without her veil on her big day.

But, what veil do you choose? There are so many different types, from vintage to modern. Many styles from the past are making a reappearance, so you can wear a vintage style veil with a modern twist. Better yet, how do you know if a veil is for you?

1940, saw the rise in the birdcage veil. The birdcage veil is a timeless style that’s ideal if a big fussy train is not for you. They add a vintage and classy look to a very modern wedding. Pairing a birdcage veil with a sophisticated up do and a killer red lip will make sure the bride stands out even more on her day.

As we moved in to the 1950's and 1960's bohemia became the rage, bohemia is a style we saw transported to the 2000's by celebrity style icons such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. In the 2010's it's a style we haven't seen disappear.

Skull cap veils, and floral wreaths over long and floaty veils with trains were the main style worn by brides during the 60's and 70's. This is such an easy retro look to make modern. Suitable for a Spring or Summer wedding.

For an updated and modern version of this, you could either forgo the veil altogether and choose a floral wreath, or even flowers entwined in to your hair to create a vine of flowers running through your hair.

As we skip to the late 2000's, early 2010's the world took an interest in the Duchess of Cambridge and her style. We were all captivated when we saw her step out on her wedding day in a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress with a 72-inch ivory silk veil that was delicately pinned to her tiara. Ever the style icon, brides in the months and even years following the Royal Wedding, were going for the full veil look.

Fashion is always changing, and old trends revamped are always appearing. Veils really depend on many things but, either way if you do or don't want a veil there is no one way to style it, and there are many veil designs out there to suit your style and personality.

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