Wedding Cars. Modern VS Vintage.

Wedding transport can be quite knavish to arrange. During a typical wedding, there are quite a few journies that need to be made to the Church or place of Ceremony, to the photograph location (if separate from the Reception venue), to the venue and to the honeymoon suite (if separate from the Reception venue). 

Not only do you have to plan transport for the bride and groom but also the wedding party, mother of the bride and even guests themselves. It gets tricky when you have to decide on a Vintage car, Luxury Car or Horse Carriage. You have to consider distance, cost and weather. Are you going to be on a Horse Carriage for three hours in the rain? Perhaps not!

You have to consider this factor well before you embark on your venue searching journey. You might have a stunning venue that will take you three hours to get to from your choice of Church. This will cause so much frustration within your wedding guests as some might have already travelled far to attend your wedding already. 

Modern Luxury

You can arrive at your wedding in any form of transportation you want from a Mercedes to a Private Helicopter. Many specialist wedding car companies have a wide range of luxurious modern cars to choose from. Many have opted for prestigious cars such as Rolls Royce's and Aston Martins. Choosing the right transport for your wedding strongly relies on your wedding style. 

Choosing a modern luxury car will give you that grandeur entrance you envision and moreover it would look great in your wedding photographs. You will enjoy the pleasure of being chauffeur driven in a prestigious car sipping on some champagne on your way to your wedding day! How glamorous does that sound? Ha Ha


As beautiful as you look, you do not want your wedding car taking the spotlight. This is when Vintage cars really make their mark. I think Vintage is just right for the classic but elegant bride. It adds an extra touch of flamboyance and really sets the standards for your wedding. 

Whatever choice you go for, ensure that it ties in with your overall wedding theme as well as your vision. Such a momentous occasion deserves a car to match. You also have to remember that the car choice you choose is paramount as it would be the last journey a bride will make with her father or mother as a single girl. Apart from style, you should make sure that you are comfortable in the wedding car you choose.

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