Tip Of The Month - A Common Wedding Challenge


On average it takes approximately 300 hours to plan a wedding. A big part of our role as a wedding planner is to help couples have their dream wedding day that is stress-free and within wedding budget. This means that we have to always be ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

As a wedding planner, a common issue that couples face when planning their big day is managing the seating chart. This is due to sensitive family situations such as quarrels or divorce etc. How do we deal with it? At Luxe by Minihaha & Co, we use a sophisticated planning software that imports the guest list and seating chart. Guest names can then be moved at will and to the chosen table.

This is a great visual feature that allows brides to see exactly where each guest is seating and the distance between each table or person. The best way to deal with any challenges is to ensure great communication between you and anyone you may be in contact with during the wedding planning process.

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