Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

As a bride, you have tons of things to worry about and an emergency kit is probably the last thing on your mind. Stay ahead of any wedding day beauty mishaps by putting together an emergency kit that you can keep with you throughout your wedding.

DIY Bridal Emergency Kit

DIY Bridal Emergency Kit

Wondering what to include in your emergency bridal kit? We have the items listed for you below.

  • Tissues & Wipes - You are going to be emotional throughout your big day. Keep a pack just incase you get teary.

  • Pins - Hair pinks & safety pins are probably your most important. Very useful for any hair or dress dilemmas.

  • Chewing gum - Do you want to be a bride with bad breath? Perhaps not! Pack those little minty things.

  • Mini-Sewing Kit - This is particularly helpful if you have an accident with your dress. Having a sewing kit close will help with a wedding dress emergency.

  • Super Glue - The uses for super glue are endless. Just remember to pack a little tube.

  • Paracetamol - A headache might probably be your worst nightmare on your wedding day. Having a cure close will help destroy this devil before it even appears.

  • Compact Mirror - Your maid of honour will be doing most of the work for you e.g making sure your makeup and lipstick is in tact. Keeping a mirror in your kit will help you check your look without leaving your seat.

  • Flat shoes - If you are going to heels; chances are you might not be comfortable all day. Remember to pack some comfy but stylish flats to help you stay comfortable on your wedding day.


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