Wedding Day Timeline.


The first secret to a stress-free wedding day is to hire a wedding day coordinator. However, you might really be struggling with your wedding finances to be able to afford one.

The second secret is to create a wedding day timeline. There are tons of templates available to print out from the internet. A timeline includes detailed information on who is doing what, where and at what time. This enables you to enjoy your wedding day stress-free.

The timing of the wedding is very crucial. Some wedding suppliers charge by the hour such as wedding transport. It is imperative that you have a detailed schedule of your wedding day to ensure that everything runs according to time.  

In most cases, you will have some wedding guests who will be looking after every detail but why not provide them with a handy timeline so that they can be best equipped to do their tasks. Whilst the wedding timeline might not be able to totally avert wedding day hindrances; it will sure aid in making your wedding day a stress-free one by ensuring you against small hiccups. 

My most favourite wedding day timeline template is available to print via The Knot. It is a similar template to what we use from our Luxe by Minihaha & co. on the day management kit.

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