Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

There are so many good wedding entertainment out there nowadays that you will undeniably find a suitable one to cater to your needs. Are you a couple who is very traditional and would like a wedding band to perform? Or maybe you are classical and would prefer a jazz band to play? 

Whatever your decision just make sure that the type of entertainment ties in with your reception venue and that your wedding guests would actually enjoy that type of entertainment.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing your wedding entertainment such as noise restriction. I remember a couple chose a private estate for their wedding and wasn't allowed music after 12am. So if they had hired a rock band to play; the wedding would have been shut down Ha Ha.

Most couples opt in for the simpler wedding entertainment choice - hiring a wedding DJ! 


Wedding DJ

When it comes to choosing your wedding dj, think about the music you and your guests will enjoy listening to. Many DJ's would ask you for your playlist during your consultations so they can play music of your choice.

I have attended many weddings where the DJ's accepted song requests on the day. Modern technology has definitely made it a lot easier for DJ's as they don't have to carry that much equipment with them anymore. One laptop could carry thousands of songs; making it a lot easier to accept song requests on the night of the wedding.

Some couples choose on having more than one entertainment at their wedding. Whether your entertainment list is extensive or you want the absolute minimal; remember to always keep it personal to you both. The key is always ensuring your guests are kept comfortable at all times and entertainment will definitely aid in keeping everyone happy as they should be.

Wishing you a happy wedding planning journey.

♥ ❤