Wedding Etiquette - Wedding Gifting!

Confused about wedding etiquette? Keep your big day classic and learn how to use traditional wedding etiquette to suit your wedding day. 

It is now common that couples ask for money as a gift merely because many couples now cohabit for years before getting married. Traditionally, couples would create a wedding gift list with household items simply because they would be starting a new home together.

cash gifts

Many brides commonly ask this question; "how do I ask for cash instead of gifts". This is very tricky as it can easily offend your guests. The most tactful way of asking for cash gifts, is to tell them where the money is going. E.g to your honeymoon, to a deposit for a house or for future baby plans. 

The accepted way to ask for cash instead of gifts is to include on your wedding invites and website if you are going to have one. Be sure to choose correct and creating wording such as poems to ensure that your message is received well by all of your guests.


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