How To Determine A Wedding Colour Palette

Your design board & colour palette is important and one of the first wedding planning tasks to tick off after choosing your wedding date and wedding venue. Designing a cohesive wedding you have been dreaming of during your wedding planning process can seem like quite an arduous task especially when you are inundated with tons of inspiration from Pinterest. But do not fret, we have some advice for you on how to pick the perfect wedding colours.

The first step is in visualising your wedding venue and thinking about colours that will compliment your chosen venue seamlessly. If your venue has red interiors, it maybe overpowering to choose reds for your colour palette. The next step will be choosing a base colour or your main colour for your wedding colour palette.

wedding colour palette

The base colour will be the one that's used the most throughout your wedding design e.g. your florals, stationery and your bridal attire. The base colour can be elegant pinks, corals, purples or punchy vibrant colours such as deep blues or greens. It’s also very important to consider the season in which you are getting married in. Some colours work better in Summer than they do in Winter and vice versa however remember that nothing is right or wrong, it’s your wedding after all.

The final piece of advice we have is to think about your wedding style and choosing colours that will compliment your wedding theme. Deciding on a wedding style will help you narrow your colour choices. as some wedding colours are best suited for specific wedding style. Once you've chosen your wedding style, it’s a lot easier to decide which colours will be the best fit. 

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