What To Expect From Your Wedding Planner (Part 2)

Thank you for reading Part 1 of this topic. I find that many people often do not know what a wedding planner is. Last year; I took on a client who seemed like my ideal client at first. Our work together ended as soon as I realised that I was quite frankly wasting my time. She had all the contacts she needed, she knew who she wanted to work with. I was often left quite frustrated as I felt like I wasn't being allowed to execute my job. 

Each planner is different; some are willing to do more than whats written in the contract and some aren't. My best advice is to sit down with your wedding planner before you start the planning process and be precise about your expectations. It's frustrating to work with someone for so long then part ways before the job is done due to misunderstandings and high demands.

Below are typical wedding planner duties: -

• Venue Sourcing.
• Budget Plan.
• Draw a timeline.
• Prepare and maintain the guest list.
• Supplier sourcing.
• Set up meetings with suppliers.
• Unlimited communication with the couple.
• On the day co-ordination.

Do not be afraid to ask your wedding planner to carry out extra tasks such as planning your honeymoon or planning your hen party. A wedding planner is there for reassurance and is there to alleviate wedding planning stress.

As mentioned before, hire someone you both like and trust. This person is going to be your bff during your entire planning process; it's imperative that you actually get on. Not only does this make the planning process enjoyable, it also ensures a remarkable wedding day. 

So choose your wedding planner wisely!!!

♥ ❤