Writing Your Wedding Vows.

This might just be one the hardest aspects of your wedding planning. It is so easy to get sidetracked and totally lose inspiration for writing your own vows. The best thing about today's world is that there so many vow writing inspirational blogs and articles readily available to access from the internet. Start by reading these to find inspiration from them and also to see how you could write your own vows.

Are you going to write your vows as a poem? Decide how you want to write your vows with your fiance too especially if you are going to make the same promises to each other. I think personalised vows are so romantic and definitely adds a special touch to your wedding ceremony. It will reflect you as a couple and definitely wow your wedding guests.

My first piece of advice would be to really think this through and write as many draft copies as you possibly can. This will allow you enough time to edit and add extras in before the big day. Take time to write notes about your relationship, what you love, what makes your relationship work, why you want to marry them, what qualities you love about your fiancé etc. This will enable you to dig deep and connect with your heart! Believe me, this will be felt by your guests.

Most importantly, come up with PROMISES!!! Vows are promises you will make to one another so do not get caught up writing sentimentals that you forget the meaning of a vow. Finally, remember to Practice, Practice, Practice. You will probably be too nervous to remember your vows word by word anyway but its important to know what you are talking about and the promises you are making. 

♥ ❤