Your Dream Wedding At Your Home!

You want your big day to be special, and sometimes the reality of finances might seem to be in the way of your dream wedding. So, consider hosting your event at home! Whether you opt for a cozy, casual ambiance or an elegant gala, you can turn your own space into a high-impact solution for stretching out your wedding budget.  

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Architectural Elements

Even the simplest backyards can be dramatically transformed with the addition of an arbor, trellis, or pergola. Think about strategic placement to make the most of your space. You can say “I do” under an attractive wooden arbor or painted pergola, or points out that making a grand entrance through a trellis draped with curtains and foliage is stunning and memorable.  While you can construct one yourself, it's best to hire a professional for building the structure to ensure the best results. Keep in mind that a professionally built trellis will run you between $400 and $900, while a pre-built model runs between $10 and $100.

Tips for Trees
Working with what is available is a key ingredient in having your wedding cake and eating it, too.  When it comes to trees, you can’t avoid them, but you can make the most of them. One large tree taking up the middle of your yard can be draped with luscious gauze for the ceremony and photos, then become a canopy of lights for dancing at night. Several trees throughout the space can be tied with satin or burlap bows or adorned with bouquets of flowers. One idea (via HuffPost) is to punch up the space with streamers or a chandelier. The important thing is to turn whatever is “in the way” into a positive player in the event!

Play Up the Pool
Is a swimming pool front and center in your backyard? Make it the center stage on your wedding day by incorporating it into your ceremony. Build a bridge over it for your wedding march, and let the structure do double duty as the entrance for your reception. Another idea is to simply install balloons in the pool so they float atop the water, which will add a touch of whimsy.

Sitting Pretty
At-home weddings offer a wide variety of seating possibilities. You can rent chairs in any number of styles, from simple folding chairs and espresso-colored wood to sleek, clear acrylic. Some couples rent sofas for a casual, comfortable seating style. If you’re planning a rustic affair, Bridal Guide suggests adding strategically placed hay bales to your lawn. Draped with fabric to protect guests’ garb, you can remove bales later for dancing.  

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Pave the Way

Provide your guests with good ground at your ceremony by adding step stones or a path made from slabs cut from a tree trunk. Supplying a gravel path or even a walkway made with tamped mulch are other possibilities. If you have a generous, appropriate outbuilding or barn, dressing it for the occasion could provide indoor seating, protection from the elements, and appropriate footing. HGTV points out you can also rent a dance floor if necessary.  

Prepwork Is the Key

Whatever direction you pursue, preparing your home is a key to having the perfect day. You may need to do some sprucing up, especially to stage the space for the ceremony and events. Consider cleaning any areas necessary, adding pots of flowers, and protecting your guests from biting insects. Remember basic needs as well since guests will need a bathroom facility and may need a place for refreshing clothes, hair, and makeup. Communicate with your guests about the amenities and where to meet, whether through email or signs at your location. Be aware that some guests could ask about staying in your home, and have a plan ahead of time for how to respond. It’s your day, so decide what will fit with your desires.

From This Day Forward

Stretch your wedding budget by thinking outside the box. Look for creative solutions for making the most of your space, and prepare accordingly. Your own backyard can be home to your dream wedding! 

Alice Robertson

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