Are you a venue owner looking to up your game and achieve a luxury status? Luxe by Minihaha & Co. offers a bespoke venue consulting service, designed to assist a new or existing venue attract their ideal clients in the luxury wedding and events market.



Our venue consultancy service is led by Minihaha, our creative director. Minihaha works with new and established venue owners offering bespoke expert advice and support to help you develop and enhance your wedding venue to a luxury status. An academic background in business management, interior design and wedding planning, Minihaha’s experience can help you implement business strategies and processes that will help streamline your business and attract your target clients.

The luxury wedding industry is a fast-paced industry that requires you to consistently innovate. I can help you implement and develop new and creative ideas that will help you stay one foot ahead of your competitors. Our bespoke luxury wedding venue consulting service is tailored to your requirements and we work with venues in the United Kingdom and Europe.

For more information about our bespoke wedding venue consulting service, please email us at so we can schedule your consultation and learn more about your exciting wedding venue development ideas and plans.